Susan Bednarczyk


I am a full-time, freelance writer/researcher/project manager with a long track record working in the corporate, nonprofit, and government sectors.

Over the last several years, I've been freelancing for the New York City Department of City Planning, New York City Department for Aging, New York City Emergency Management, Type Directors Club, and the Department of Commerce.

For Type Directors, I've created all the daily content for their social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), which reach over 201,000 type enthusiasts worldwide.

In 2019, I completed editorial work for New York City Emergency Management for its highly detailed, comprehensive 2019 Hazard Mitigation Plan, the first time that FEMA accepted a website (instead of printed paper) from a government agency to fulfill the City's four-year reporting obligation.

I've also served as the lead writer for five toolkits published by the National Telecommunications & Information Administration at the Department of Commerce that helped local governments take the right steps to implement broadband infrastructure and smart-city initiatives.

My other recent work includes an arts and culture blog on soon-to-close museum shows, ItsNewstoYou; grant writing, brochures, web copy, donor, and promotional materials for arts nonprofits in New York City. Past work also includes scripts for fund-raising spectaculars, art reviews, and think pieces.

My experience also includes working for large consulting and financial firms, supporting professionals by performing “hard to find” research, drafting policy papers and corporate presentations, crunching numbers for graphic displays, and wrangling/managing input from international teams that have been asked to contribute to corporate publications.

Take a look at my writing samples, which show a variety of styles:

  • Long-form blog posts and news articles for general audiences
  • Internal communications for large organizations
  • Research reports
  • Business strategy.